Network Marketing Lead Generation: Twitter

(Part 1)

Are you generating leads on twitter?

Twitter is a powerful site for generating leads for your network marketing business. The key to generating leads on twitter is: attract, connect, and funnel.  You want to attract a targeted following, connect and engage with your followers, and then funnel traffic from twitter to your lead capture page. In part 1 of this post, I am going to share tips on how to attract a targeted following on twitter.

Twitter Marketing: 2 Tips to Attracting A Targeted Following on Twitter

Tip #1: Follow People in Your Niche

  • Follow other MLM and Network Marketing Leaders. Use and enter in the keyword phrases for your niche to find the leading authority figures and experts in your industry
  • Follow other network marketers. You can use to locate other network marketers. Just do a search for “network marketer” in the twellow search box and start following 50 network marketers a day.

You can pick up followers every day just by simply following other people.

Tip #2: Regularly tweet valuable content

What should you tweet?

  • Helpful tips for your followers
  • Motivational quotes: Quotes are a common favorite on twitter and usually get retweeted often.
  • News articles or blog posts about your industry that would be of value to your followers. Watch the tweets from the network marketing leaders and experts in your field for trends and retweet it to your followers.

One of the best ways to building a targeted following on twitter quickly is to regularly tweet valuable content that includes popular twitter hashtag phrases. Hashtags are topics that are posted on Twitter with a “#” symbol preceding a word in the topic being discussed.  Hashtags are used by some people to search for a topic on twitter and to follow a discussion around a topic on twitter. If you tag your tweets with hashtags, it is  a great way for you to increase your visibility and credibility among the experts in your niche and your peers, and increase your following.  Popular hashtag phrases for the network marketing and mlm industry are: #mlm, #homebiz, #networkmarketing, #homebusiness

If you tweet content that is valuable, it is much more likely to be retweeted and shared by others on twitter.  The more exposure your tweets get on twitter through retweets, the more followers you will attract, and the more leads you can get each day.

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