How would you like to personally sponsor 38 people in 1 week?

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This Wednesday, January 25, 2011 at 9 PM EST I’ve got a treat for you!

Some of my friends will be interviewing an individual who,

* In the last 7 days he’s personally enrolled 38 people into his primary company.

* In the last 90 days he’s generated 1,535 leads (just over 17 / day) for
F*R*E*E from essentially ONE marketing strategy.

* In the last 90 days he’s personally enrolled 58 members into MLSP.

This guy is ON FIRE!

The coolest part is that he’s brand new to internet marketing
and started just 6 months ago

This Wednesday will be an “off-the-cuff” phone interview where you will be able
to actively participate and ask Jaime any question you like.

This is the info you want and NEED to hear. Real Results from Real People Right Now.

You can thank me later icon wink Webinar Broadcast for Monday January 24th [Action Required]

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