I watched my dad devote 30+ years to an automobile employer to only be forced into retirement and now watch his retirement benefits package get smaller and smaller.

In 2008, I graduated armed with a law degree and saddled with over $150,000 in student loan debt.

I was a college graduate entering into one of the worse economic recessions since the Great Depression.

As you may know, college graduates along with so many hard-working people were hit hard in the recession.

Companies and law firms looked for experienced candidates and that left new graduates looking for opportunities.


I was fortunate to get legal temp work.

It was a job, right?

Well, it was a job that laid off workers at whim and left many of us without work for months at a time.

It was during the last lay-off period where I said:

Enough is Enough.

I couldn’t wait anymore for someone to hire me.

I couldn’t wait for opportunities, open doors.
My bills couldn’t wait. Rent couldn’t wait.

Student loans couldn’t wait.

I simply got tired of waiting.

So I decided to do the unthinkable.

Call me crazy, but I was ready to get financial freedom.

I was ready to get free from debt, free from the corporate rat race.

I was ready for change.

So in March 2010, I decided to start a business, an internet-based music marketing business.

I had experience in entertainment law but very little experience in marketing and very little money.

I had some experience in corporate america and acquired some skills, that I was determined to take with me into this new venture.

I had worked at a Fortune 500 company, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, in the Business and Legal Affairs Department. During my position as a graduate legal associate, I soaked up everything I could learn about branding, recruiting and team building.  I still needed to learn marketing. I needed to learn internet marketing.

So, I decided to get trained.

I hopped on EVERY teleseminar and training call that was conducted by the TOP internet marketers who were making 7-8 figures online. 

I couldn’t afford their coaching programs or their information products, so I attended every free call they conducted.

I got trained and I took notes.

Most importantly, I TOOK ACTION!

In May 2010, I took action on all of the information that I learned from the trainings I attended and I created my first information product.

No big launch, no paid advertising.

I couldn’t afford it :)

I released the audio program on May 19 and within a week, on May 26th, I had my first sale.

I would love to tell you that was my claim to fame and that is how I went on to become a millionaire, but the truth is, I only made about $100 from the sales of my low-cost audio program.

If you would have asked me in May if my first info product launch was a failure, I would have looked you in the eye and told you: “absolutely not”.

I was estactic.

After that first sale, you would have thought I had just won the lottery.

I didn’t win the lotto, but I won.

I took action and I made money online.

I overcame every obstacle and every rejection by family and friends who didn’t think it was possible to make money online.

I overcame every point of resistance that I had about how I was not smart enough, not experienced enough, not tech-savvy enough.

I won because I set out to do something and I did it.

It didn’t hurt that I made money either. :-) Call me an optimist.

I knew that if I could sell that audio series online (me, the college grad with no paid advertising and no marketing experience) that I could have more success with the next launch and the next product, using all of the things I learned from the first product.

I knew that I could improve with more training and more experience.  I continue to sell that audio program on autopilot today as an income revenue stream.

Through branding and positioning, I was able to later on build a list of 200 people, gain article publication and get my blog posts featured on a top music blog.

I went on to start a coaching business in August 2010 and within a month of starting the business with absolutely no coaching experience (you notice a pattern?), I was invited to be a guest on an internet tv show.

Why do I tell you this?

Is it to brag and to boast?

Is it to look important and to posture myself?

I was a college grad who knew nothing about marketing. I had very little money. I had no experience whatsoever in internet marketing. I was not tech-savvy and had never heard of html code and landing pages before!

I was simply someone who said: Enough is Enough!

I was simply ready to experience financial freedom and time freedom.

It wasn’t until August 2010, that I saw the perfect opportunity for me to be able to do just that.


I was familiar with network marketing because a couple of people that I knew had tried it and failed miserably at it. I was familiar with network marketing because people I didn’t know tried to recruit me into their network marketing company, and failed miserably at it. :-)

I saw network marketers who were nothing but pushy annoying sales people and I wanted no part of it, that was until I saw successful network marketers.

I came across a new class of network marketers who were building large teams within their company.

They looked different.

They acted differently.

They were not hype people.

They were not pushy.

They were not salesy.

They were real people :-)

They understood marketing!

I discovered that they used a concept called attraction marketing to have success within network marketing.

I realized that I could have success within network marketing without being an annoying sales person who chased people away.

I could build a network marketing business without going broke!

I started to see how strategically network marketing made sound business sense.

I knew that within network marketing, I could leverage the time and talent of other people on my team, to build a business that consisted of residual income.

All of this is just a fancy way of saying that I learned how I could now do what so many big corporations have been doing for years-that is, how to make money leveraging the time and effort of others. It made sense to me.

Here, I was a solo entrepreneur who had to wear many hats and who had to work alone to survive financially. I couldn’t afford employees.

As nice as it is to work from home and to own my own business and create my own work schedule, it was hard.

It was hard to come up with new info products and market my services.

Network marketing provided me with an opportunity to market the successful products of another company and leverage my time and build residual income.

I was in.

I just had to figure out what company to join.

I knew that I wanted to earn 100% commissions like did when I sold my own products.

I didn’t want to earn tiny, wimpy 25% commissions.

I wanted to get paid what I was worth.

So, I found a company that paid 100% commissions.

I knew that I wanted to be with a company that had great marketing training. I found a company that truly taught people how to market and not harass family and friends. A company where top advanced marketing strategies like solo ads, direct mail, pay-per-click advertising, video marketing, blogging, magazine ads, are shared and taught.

I was a marketer and I knew that this industry is called network marketing, not network pushing, not network hyping.

I wanted to partner with a company that was respected by top industry leaders. I found a company where top internet marketers like mike filsaime are proud to promote to their thousands of followers.

I knew that I wanted a true marketing system and funnel that would allow me to automate my marketing by weeding out the disinterested folks. I found a company with an automated sales funnel that converts 1 out of every 10 leads into a sale.


Financial Freedom: I have been able to now build a business with very little investment and little stress. I have control now. I feel in control now. I can now earn income independently.  I look forward to now being able to give money to charities and to organizations whose work I believe in, like the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America. I now have the opportunity to fund my passions, my coaching and music marketing businesses. I can now build income to pay off my debt!!

Time freedom: I can now work from home and focus on activities that I love and spend time with the people that I love. I am building a solid foundation for the family that I will have someday. I look forward to someday raising kids and to now be in the position of being able to spend quality time with them. I look forward to being able to take vacations with my family.

Building Relationships: I have been able to build relationships with other like-minded people who also said: Enough is Enough. Moms who want the financial and time freedom to enjoy and spend time with their kids.  Workers laid-off in the recession.  Eager workers looking for jobs in this recession.  Workers forced into retirement with measly benefits.  Corporate professionals who want to get out of the rat race. College graduates who want to get free from the financial bondage of student loan debt.  I get to build a team and build a business and build long-term relationships with these people!

I have one question for you: Are you ready to say Enough is Enough? Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

I would love to help you do just that!


To Your Success,

Angela Carter