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I attended a prospecting and recruiting training by Todd Falcone. If you don’t know who Todd Falcone is, he is a 20-year network marketing veteran and prospecting expert and trainer on how to recruit professionals into a network marketing opportunity.

In this post, I am going to share with you tips from Todd’s training on how to recruit professionals into your mlm business that will help you grow a large downline quickly and that will bring you steady, big commission checks for your mlm business so you can finally experience the time and financial freedom you want.To watch Todd Falcone’s training on how to recruit professionals into your mlm business, click here: Recruit Professionals

Biggest MLM Sponsoring Mistake Made by Most Network Marketers

The biggest mlm sponsoring mistake made by most network marketers is recruiting the wrong kind of people into their businesses.  As a business builder, you have to develop the mindset of a talent scout.  You are looking for business builders, you are looking for people who are capable and able to do what is required to succeed in the network marketing industry. You want people on your team who can do what we do in network marketing.

MLM Sponsoring Success: Recruit Professionals and Reap the Rewards

Here are five benefits to recruiting professionals into your business:

  1. Greater Retention:
  2. Bigger Commission Checks:
  3. More Time Freedom:
  4. Less Fear and Rejection in Recruiting:
  5. Big, Quick Team Growth.

MLM Sponsoring: What type of professionals should you look for?

Todd Falcone recommends these categories of professionals, in no particular order: realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, business owners, and outside sales people.

MLM Sponsoring: Where to Find Quality Professionals to Recruit

Here are four great ways to find quality professionals to recruit:

  1. “For Sale” Signs
  2. Card grab
  3. Grocery Store Advertising
  4. Social Media

MLM Sponsoring: What to Say to Recruit Professionals?

Todd Falcone has an amazing free training where he shares his go-to script that he uses to contact the professionals that he found through those methods I listed earlier. This script converts at over 50% in terms of getting professionals to view a business presentation or video from a cold call.  It is simple and duplicatable.  You can take this training and put into action immediately and start seeing some results. You can also take this training and share it with your downline so they can feel empowered to now go after professionals who can quickly grow your team and bring in loads of sales volume.  To get free access to prospecting expert, Todd Falcone’s professionals script, go to:

MLM Sponsoring

To get free access to a free Linked In Training by LinkedIn Expert Larry Beacham that will help you recruit more professionals using LinkedIn, go to:

LinkedIn Training


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If your upline does not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check this out (unless you already have too many leads)-Click here for instant access

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