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MLM Lead Generation: 3 Keys to a Strong Brand That Attracts Leads

Struggling to generate mlm leads and sponsor reps into your business?


Watch the video below to learn how a strong brand is the key to generating leads and sponsoring new reps into your business. If you are not branding yourself, then you will not see the results that you are looking for in your business.

What is a brand?

A brand is your unique promise of value.

Why is branding important in growing a successful network marketing business?

There are over 200,000 people each week joining the network marketing industry. Your prospects will have a lot of options to choose from.  Your prospects will have the tough choice of not only choosing which network marketing company to join but also which leader to join within a network marketing company.

A strong brand helps your prospects make that decision. A strong brand helps your prospects to choose you and to see you as the only person who can help them achieve the success that they want.

3 Keys to A Strong Brand that Attracts Leads:

  1. It’s unique
  2. It makes a promise.
  3. It delivers value

Is your brand attracting or repelling leads?

Ready to build a strong brand today that will attract more leads and help you sponsor more reps?

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Chasing leads? Struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business?

The key to never having to chase a SINGLE lead again is: A STRONG BRAND!

Here are 3 reasons why strong branding can have leads chasing YOU:

1.  Branding helps you stand out!

There are over 200,000 people each week joining the network marketing industry as distributors.  This impacts you in a HUGE way as a network marketer!  Now, there will be more competition in the network marketing industry.  Now, your prospects will be faced with a more difficult choice of who to work with.  There will be plenty of network marketing leaders and teams to choose from.  Strong branding helps your prospects make that decision.  Branding tells your prospects that they need to work with you because you are the only leader that can help them achieve the success they are looking for in this industry.

2.  Branding Positions You as the Leader, As the Expert!

Strong branding helps you position yourself as a leader. This is very important because your prospects are looking for someone who can coach them and lead them to have success in this industry.  Branding helps you demonstrate and prove to your prospects that you have the ability to take them where they want to go in this industry.

3.  Branding helps you build trust with your prospects.

Strong branding builds consistency and predictability with your prospects and this builds trust with your prospects.  A strong brand makes a promise.  A strong brand consistently delivers a unique, valuable experience.  Just look at Oprah. Oprah has built a strong brand that has built trust with her audience.  You will never expect to watch Oprah and see a Jerry Springer-style show.  You would never expect to see anyone fighting on Oprah.  Oprah has built a brand around consistently delivering shows and content, like her magazine and radio show, that brings value to her audience, by featuring topics that solve some of their greatest challenges.  When you build a strong brand for your prospects, your prospects feel safe interacting with you because they know what to expect. This comfort builds trust, and you know what they say….People BUY & DO BUSINESS with those they know, like, and TRUST!!


You will NEVER have to chase a single lead again. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is!


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