Want to increase blog traffic? Do you want to see a steady stream of traffic every day for your blog without paying an insane amount of money on PPC?

In this post, I am going to share with you two free marketing strategies that will increase blog traffic and send a stream of targeted, quality visitors to your site without paying a single penny. These strategies will increase your blog traffic ten-fold in 30 days without you ever having to wait for the Google fairy to provide you with link juice.

Blog Traffic Strategy #1: Video Marketing
Video marketing is a powerful, free marketing strategy that can send a quality stream of traffic to your blog, if done correctly. Here are the steps to using video to get more blog traffic and increase the visibility, authority, and ranking of your blog:

Step 1: Create a content-rich video offering real, helpful tips that drives traffic to your blog. In your video, you will want to include a link to your website at the beginning and end of your videos. You should also end each video with a call to action, telling your viewers to go to your website.

Step 2: Optimize your video with a targeted keyword phrase that your target market uses to look for the information that you provide in your video. You want to find keyword phrases that return a Google search result of less than 30,000. You want to use this keyword phrase at the beginning of the title of your video. You should make sure to use your keyword phrase in the description and tags of your video.

Step 3: Promote your video to get thousands of views. One of the best ways to get more views for your video and to send laser targeted traffic to your blog is to submit your video to video sharing sites that allow you to embed your video. Here are some great sites to submit your video to: youtube.com, metacafe, and veoh.  Other great sites are: imbroadcast.com, flixya.com, spike.com, myspace.com, and uvouch.com.

Blog Traffic Strategy #2: Tutorial Sites

Research shows that how-to videos consistently get more views than other types of video. This is because they are a great form of video that is structured around helping people solve a problem they are experiencing. You want to make sure that you make how-to videos. Once, you make your how-to video using the tips I discussed above, then you want to submit that video to tutorial sites. These sites are designed specifically for providing how-to videos. One of the most popular tutorial sites is Instructables.com. Here are some additional great tutorial sites that will help you send a stream of steady traffic to your blog: noupe.com, tutorialized.com, and good-tutorials.com.

So, as you can see, you do not have to wait months to get a steady flow of quality traffic to your blog. If you take action and start implementing these strategies, you will see results. So, if you are tired of blog traffic strategies that involve spending lots of money on PPC or waiting for Google rankings, and you want to get a steady flow of traffic to your blog that never stops, then you need to learn ALL of the free underground blog traffic strategies and not just the ones I shared with you in this article.

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